chamber new york city (usa)

September 14th 2014 – September 14th 2015

A boutique devoted to exclusive limited editions & unique works of art and design. Dirk contributed the Diffuser Cabinet and the Not Only Hollow Chair.

The Diffuser Cabinet appears as a free-standing sculpture, assembled of individual, irregular pieces of tulip wood. Its unique form is actually shaped by a mathematical calculation that optimizes the acoustic performance of the room in which it is placed. The natural variation of tones in the wood represent the different tonalities of sound.

The Not Only Hollow Chair aesthetics— its simple shape and low resolution—closely relate to how it is made. Sourced from 100% recycled synthetics, each pipe is hollow to minimize resources. As its name suggests, this attractive design piece is hollow and sustainable, and uses the latest 3D printing process—the beauty lies in the combination of it all. To make it more honest, Dirk redesigned it to be transparent especially for Chamber.

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