slow tech wow, amsterdam (nl)

WHEN: Saturday 4 October 10:00 - Saturday 29 November 22:00

Come and see the expo Slow Tech in the WOW Lobby.‘Slow Tech’ is an exhibition showing 12 chairs that fuse experimental materials or an innovative production technique to a craft-base process. It is a fusion of high tech en slow crafts. The Knotted Chair by Marcel Wanders will be presented as ‘the mother of all slow tech chairs’ and will literally be the centre piece. The other 10 chairs will be grouped around it.

Slow Tech is the first exhibition in a series called ‘Curated by…’ initiated by WOW. Three times a year, WOW will work with a co-curator to organize an exhibition showing work by both established and young talent. The first exhibition in this series focuses on Design.

The exhibition is a collaboration between Jeroen Junte and WOW. Junte is a well known design critic . He writes about art and culture with a strong focus on design and architecture. With his books, but also with his bimonthly talk show in Pakhuis de Zwijger (Amsterdam), Junte endeavors to inform both insiders and interested people in an accessible manner about design.

The first ‘Curated by…’ exhibition focuses on chair designs by young Dutch designers. All are the result of a material experiment or a special production method. The underlying idea is that Dutch designers today show an increasing interest in an investigative and experimental way of designing. Jeroen Junte will share his personal view on each of the chairs, and in doing so giving insight in his way of looking at trends and design in general.

Marcel Wanders – Knotted Chair // Jólan van der Wiel – Gravity // Rutger de Regt – Happy Misfit // Lenneke Langenhuijsen – buro BELÉN - TuTu // Eric Klarenbeek - Mycelium // Maarten Schenkeveld – One Piece A Day // Chris Kabel – Seam Chair // Pascal Smelik - Kaarsrecht Stool // Marjan van Aubel – Well Proven Chair // Martijn Rigters – Foam Party Chair // Dirk van der Kooij - RvR Chair // Joris Laarman – Bits & Parts Puzzle Chair (THIS CHAIR WILL BE 3D PRINTED DURING THE EXHIBITION AND PUT TOGETHER AFTER 2 MONTHS).


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