vivir con un icono ad spain, madrid (ESP)

April 9th 2015 - April 23rd 2015


In Spain we believe in, cherish and foster creativity. So, Living with an Icon is a tribute to those visionary minds, these men and women, designers, architects or engineers with talent who risked (and risk) and, with a groundbreaking decision, we have daily more comfortable, sometimes gradually and imperceptibly, and other immediate and striking way: from the armchair patented molded plywood lounge chair to a polyurethane foam sold vacuum packed; a paper that incorporates a pedal to avoid having to use your hands on a stool aluminum takes shape blast with air; a seat polyurethane balls where you want to sit as a chair drawn in 3D by a robot with waste refrigerators; From 1925-2015 each of the works in this exhibition are now indispensable designs, you become talismans to submit a new light on Living with an icon.

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