vert le nord berges des seine, paris (fr)

June 2nd 2015 - June 7th 2015

Vert le Nord
Berges de Sein
Dans le cadre de City Camping

Vert le Nord ! Un panorama du design durable des Pays-Bas
Sustainable Dutch Design on the banks of the Seine (PARIS).

The exposition ‘Vert le Nord! Un panorama du design durable des Pays-Bas’ will be open to visitors on the banks of the Seine (Berges de Seine) from June 2nd till June 7th. This exposition shows how the Netherlands are at the forefront of innovative and sustainable design and takes a look at the Dutch dedication for an ambitious ending to the international climate conference, COP21, that will take place in Paris, late 2015. Yksi Ontwerp, together with 40 Dutch designers, curated this exposition for the Dutch Embassy in Paris, as a part of the design festival Paris D'Days.

Dirk contributed an Endless Chair to this exposition.

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