dutch design week, hands off, eindhoven (nl)

October 17th 2015 - October 25th 2015


Hands Off:New Dutch Design at the Confluence of Technology & Craft will promote Dutch Design and its influence on the global future of contemporary art, craft and design, including architecture, e-culture, and fashion, among other disciplines. Featured designers produce innovative works that challenge traditional notions of public space, sustainability, architecture, fashion, functional objects, marketing, and art utilizing technology that requires no ‘making’ by hand in the traditional sense. Hands Off will showcase the development of new materials, new ways to use old technologies, and new ways of looking at and interacting with the world.

Hands off will feature the work of approximately twenty designers from design hubs across the Netherlands including Eindhoven, Amsterdam, and Utrecht.

dirk vander kooij chubby chair hands off dutch design week


dirk vander kooij melting pot table scyption hands off dutch design week

dirk vander kooij fresnel lights hands off dutch design week

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