Send to Print / Print to Send, aram gallery, london (uk)

The Aram Gallery
110 Drury Lane, Covent Garden, London, WC2B 5SG
+44 (0207 557 7526)

13 January – 25 February 2012

Send to Print / Print to Send offered an impression of uses of 3D Printing* in the design industry today. This timely exhibition showed work by designers and organisations who are at the forefront of developing the capabilities of this technology. In addition it will include examples of the increasingly important role 3D Printing plays in the design process, particularly during the complex prototyping stages.

Featuring pieces from the studios of both established and emerging designers, The Aram Gallery used this exhibition as a way to examine how designers’ processes are developing to accommodate new technological advances. We offered our visitors an idea of what 3D Printing is, and how it is being contemporaneously used. This exhibition is not intended as an exhaustive overview, but a cross-disciplinary pick and mix of examples.

Send to Print / Print to Send, aram gallery, london (uk) dirk vander kooij flow rocking chair robot print recycled

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