sunflowers and snowmen heading to milan

Phew... the pieces for Milan are shipped right now to Plusdesign Gallery for the annual fair. We have had some minor setbacks in the production of the pieces for Milan combined with the regular production, a reunion of former employees of the factory who worked in our building and a commercial shoot (see picture)... But it all came together!

hembrugterrein optiekgebouw dirk vander kooij zaandam netherlands robot printing recylced reused

We are happy to return to Plusdesign Gallery for the annual Salone del Mobile with perhaps the best preparation ever and with the designs which I am most proud of. Below is a selection of projects that we will present in Milan:

sunflower fresnel light dirk vander kooij reused recylced robot printing amsterdam dutch

The SunFLOWER we have developed in close collaboration with architects Baranowitz & Kronenbergfor the new W Hotel in Amsterdam. The SunFLOWER is a standing lamp based on the Fresnel Light and is part of a family which we will present in Milan.

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snowmen speaker set dirk vander kooij henk jan netjes

We have developed robot printing years ago, but a speaker cabinet is perhaps the most rewarding what we have created with this development. Process and product seamlessly go together: round shapes, thick walls and a ribbled texture is all there is to a good sound quality.

We have worked with Henk Jan Netjes, our high end audio engineer, to provide us with much needed audio advice and to adjust the SnowMEN speaker set to a crisp and clear sound. So, that you hear literally everything...

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not only hollow chair sunflower fresnel melting pot side table recycled reused robot printing

The NotOnlyHOLLOW Chair is a limited edition that we have created for Chamber Gallery in New York.

Each line is hollow to minimize resources, and the source is 100% recycled synthetics. The minimalistic shape and the extreme low resolution make the looks of the chair closely related to how it's made.I think that is cool, dont you?

The MeltingPOT Side Table is made of recycled plastics from the thrift store.

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