goodbye eindhoven / hello amsterdam

We’re leaving Eindhoven and it hurts... especially me. I’ve been around in Eindhoven, I met inspiring people (my girlfriend Marleen, for one), I’ve been drunk (with joy now and then as well) and I watched my graduation project blossom into a furniture brand and a design studio. We saw the Dutch Design Week mature into a world renowned event, so we will definitely return every year! In short: Eindhoven and I have lived through rain and shine...

But it’s time to go, that is to the “Hembrugterrein” in Zaandam. It’s an old industrial zone where artillery equipment used to be made. The place has been transformed into an area specifically designated for creative industries. We will move into the “Optiekgebouw”, a building seemingly tailored to our needs, in the middle of a green area, on the waterfront and Amsterdam within a stone’s throw. Where does one find such a place nowadays?

I’m convinced that this move will give us the opportunity to innovate permanently and to make even higher quality products.

The future is ours!

As from today our address is:

Dirk Vander Kooij
Hemkade 18G-217
1506 PR Zaandam

tel # -  0031 85 8769629

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