moma and stedelijk purchase endless pieces for their permanent collection

We make museum pieces. We're entitled to make that statement now, because the Museum of Modern Art and the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam have purchased pieces of the Endless-collection. Obviously we're pretty proud of that. The curator of the Stedelijk met us a few times to discuss precisely what we intended to deliver. She emphasized that "It must be flawless, because professional care will see it preserved eternally".

Well, we found that out when we came to commit the pieces to safe keeping. The deposit was one huge, nameless, hermetically sealed building. After we had identified ourselves the gate was opened. Behind the gate was a sliding door which was guarded by security personnel and directly past that door, there was another sliding door. That last door opened and an assistant awaited us with a trolley for the pieces. It was a pleasantly cool, fully airconditioned area. The man carefully drove the trolley away and the pieces gradually disappeared. Preserved to all eternity...

Here you can find the link to our Endless Flow Rocking Chair in the MoMA collection.

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