vitra design museum - confrontations

The Vitra Design Museum asked us to think up a draft for the "Confrontations" exhibition. The idea was to link a designer to a company with a very specific expertise. In our case the business was A.Raymond, the clip fastener manufacturer who makes all sorts of  fasteners for the automotive industry. A whole car is practically held together by their fastening clips, but the clips themselves are entirely invisible. So the following idea emerged: design a clip, not primarily meant to fasten pieces together, but as a product in its own right.

One little triangular component that anyone can assemble into any kind of shape. Imagine buying some object, made up out of all these little triangles, but after some time you come across a more appealing design; all you have to do is rearrange the components to match the new design, no tools required. Recycling is no longer necessary, no energy is needed to reassemble the product in its new form or function.

We exhibited this study with the accompanying prototypes at the exhibition. We designed a stool made up out of steel triangles, a beautiful geometric piece and when you actually see it, it has a digital resemblance.

Furthermore we made larger triangles using PET, suitable for making geometrical clouds. A small lamp, or a slightly bigger one for above the table, or even enormous clouds in public areas, the possibilities are virtually endless.

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