dirk wins dutch design award 2011

After a successful and exhausting Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, the last event was the awardshow for the Dutch Design Award. During my study at the Design Academy in Eindhoven I have always yearned to receive that prize one day.  A year after graduating it happened. The "Endless" work was beautifully exposed in the glass building at the town hall square, together with all the other works of the nominees. That alone made me proud.

The Frits Philips Music Hall was chock-full, we sat on the front row, together with the other nominees and I sensed the suspense around me. I really enjoy these evenings. I was quite relaxed, it was off my hands, there was nothing I could do anyway, whatever the outcome. They said the procedures would take quite some time and as far as I was concerned, that was fine. But on the contrary, it all went quite rapidly with nice short films describing the work of the various nominees. My film was neat as well, "simple, clearly explained and very intelligible"; I took that as a compliment.  I felt surprisingly calm. "... and the winner is Dirk Vander Kooij with Endless". I dashed up onto the stage where I answered a couple of questions and received the cup. Tremendous!

It was followed by a get-together with drinks and a lovely bunch of very pleasant people, the weariness of the Dutch Design Week disappeared and of course it grew far too late - as it should...!

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