yellow chubbies de rotterdam, rotterdam (nl)

De Rotterdam
Wilhelminakade 177

Together with Studio Makkink & Bey and Roukens + Van Gils, GROUP A designed the interior of the 33 storeys of De Rotterdam at the Wilhelmina Pier. This building, designed by OMA, accommodates the Rotterdam municipal offices.

The design features an interior that reflects a ‘vertical city’, which connects ‘urban junctions’ for collective use, meeting spaces and interaction. As part of the integrated design, the design offices were able to formulate their vision in an urban planning concept. The offices each applied their own design efforts to elaborate the various sections of the space. The two design approaches create a layered effect and give the design a dynamic feel.

de rotterdam wilhelminakade makkink bey jurgen dirk vander kooij recycled robot printed

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